I’m Backseats — founder, product guy, and Solidity developer.

I specialize at the intersection of leadership, product, and code.

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I began my career in 2012 as a full-stack engineer in the web 2.0 world in San Francisco. Self-taught and scrappy by nature, I've always believed that a demo or working product is much stronger than meetings, todos, and what ifs.

In 2014, I transitioned my career to mobile with the announcement of Swift. I went on to Head of Mobile and VP of Engineering positions at prominent VC-backed startups, YC companies, and publicly traded companies.

I've always been interested in crypto, working in and out of the industry over the years before going full-time in 2019.

NFTs pulled me in in 2021. I dove headfirst into the dark forest of Solidity and the EVM where I continue to learn and grow.

I've helped 18+ projects launch, either by building and quarterbacking their launches, writing their smart contracts, auditing their code, or advising on their process.

I work best at the intersection of leadership, product, and code, helping teams ship easy-to-understand user experiences in the often complex and confusing world of crypto.

How I can help

Writing and auditing smart contracts

Executing NFT launches

Technical and product leadership and strategy

Full stack and iOS development

Understanding and development of Web3 strategies

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